What parents can do  

 Questions you might ask about your school?  
  1. Has your school conducted information or training sessions with staff members on addressing school bullying?
  2. Does the school hold resources, eg., books, DVDs, articles etc ., that can assist teachers in understanding and responding to bullying? 
  3. Has your school conducted a survey or surveys to ascertain the prevalence and nature of bullying? If so, have the results been made accessible to parents?
  4. Does your school have a policy regarding bullying? (Note 5)
  5. Was the policy developed with the assistance of parents? 
  6. Is there a copy of the school anti-bullying policy accessible to you?
  7. Has the school placed the policy on line for people to see?
  8. How does the school directly address the problem of cyberbullying 
  9. Do staff members at the school work together in addressing the problem of bullying? That is, is there a whole school approach? 
  10. Are students in the school informed about bullying and what they should do about it?
  11. Are there lessons or activities being conducted in classrooms directed towards improving interpersonal relations among students? (Note 7)
  12. Does the school communicate with parents, eg., through newsletter or meetings on matters relating to children's interpersonal behaviour at school?
  13. Does the school seek to empower students so that they can help children who are being bullied, for example as peer supporters? (Note 9)
  14. Are students advised as to how they may act as bystanders when they witness bullying taking place? 
  15. Does the school deal with cases of bullying effectively?
  16. Does the school enlist the support of adults who are not school staff members, such as bus drivers, the police, cafeteria staff?
  17. Does the school's policy focus primarily on punishment? 
  18. Does the school make use of restorative practice as a means of resolving cases of bullying? (Note 11)
  19. Are non-punitive methods such as the Support Group Method and the Method of Shared Concern ever employed with cases of bullying? (Note 11a)
  20. Does the school systematically record and evaluate outcomes following interventions?
  21. Is the school fully aware of its moral and legal responsibilities in addressing school bullying? 
  22. Is your school addressing the issue of school bullying to your satisfaction ?







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