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Sources of information on Interventions

Most information about reactive strategies simply tells you about one of them and ignores or disparages others. Yet each one can be used effectively in some cases, but not others.. There are in fact relatively few sources aimed at promoting an understanding of the major intervention methods and when they can best be employed.

Here is a list: Rigby, K (2010) Bullying interventions in schools: Six basic methods. Camberwell: ACER..

Rigby, K. (2009). Bullying in Schools: Six methods of intervention. Northampton, England: Loggerheads Production.

Thompson, F., & Smith, P. K. (2011). The use and effectiveness of anti-bullying strategies in schools. Research Report DFE-RR098. London: HMSO.

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Rigby, K. (2010). Breaking the Cycle. Education Review, March, pp 8-9. - Download Education Review Article.

Rigby, K. (2010). Bullying and Harassment: Six podcasts and associated materials. Brisbane: Education Queensland.

Victorian Education Department (2013). Bully Stoppers. This includes an on-line interactive module for teacher education based upon Ken Rigby's book, Bullying interventures in schools: six basic approaches. See

Rigby, K. (2013) Six Methods of Intervention . Vodcast series, Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Here Ken Rigby presents the six methods of bullying interventions to a small live audience at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. See. 

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