• Who is Dr. Ken Rigby?
    "Dr Ken Rigby is Australia's foremost
    expert in effective prevention and
    intervention of bullying in schools.
    Ken brings a rare combination of extensive
    evidence based research and cutting edge
    best practice strategies."
    Jac Van Velsen
    KidsMatter Primary National Professional
    Development Officer Principals Australia
  • Who is Dr. Ken Rigby?
    "Professor Rigby is one of the most prominent
    experts on bullying in the world.
    His research has influenced the field and his
    work with educators is exemplary.
    Rigby's work is highly respected and cited,
    and he is consulted by educators and parents"
    Professor Sheri Bauman,
    University of Arizona
  • Who is Dr. Ken Rigby?
    "Professor Ken Rigby's on-going research on
    bullying and his knowledge of successful
    intervention methods contributes greatly to the
    support ability of educators to those who are
    bullied or at risk of being bullied in schools."
    Giulio Bortolozzo,
    Senior Leader/Counsellor,
    DECDS, South Australia

Welcome to Ken Rigby.net

Over the last 25 years Professor Ken Rigby is a national consultant for schools and a leading international authority in bullying and victimisation in schools with more than 100 peer refereed papers and other publications. In this site he has set out to present in brief what is most useful for schools and parents to know about bullying among children and how resources can be accessed to tackle this enduring and troubling problem.

As a former school teacher, psychologist, parent and academic, he draws upon his longstanding experience in providing practical advice to all those who are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of children in schools.

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Who is Ken Rigby?