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Although responsibility for countering school bullying must be shared and involve the entire community through parents, the media, governments and others, the prime responsibility for bullying in schools rests with schools. Schools are where the bullying mostly happens and where both proactive and reactive action can make a difference.

The major features of what schools can do about bullying are as follows::

  1. They can develop an agreed well supported anti-bullying policy to direct operations - (More Info)
  2. They can become aware of their moral and legal obligations in responding to bullying in schools - (More Info)
  3. They can deliver information to students about bullying and involve them in classroom activities that will enable them to acquire attitudes and skills that will help them in developing and maintaining positive relations with their peers - (More Info)
  4. They will help children to come to terms with new forms of bullying, especially those making use of cyber technology - (More Info)
  5. They can work with students who can be trained to support vulnerable children who are being bullied - (More Info)
  6. They can work with the police, especially in responding to cases that involve criminal activity, as in violent assaults. - (More Info)

  7. They can adopt the most appropriate intervention strategies for dealing with cases of bullying that come to their attention - (More Info)

  8. They can seek to prevent bullying and deal with cases of bullying through cooperation with parents